Parkway Trees

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City of Crystal Lake Public Works Department

Parkway TreesLarry Zurek, Street Division Superintendent
Office: (815) 356-3614
Fax: (815) 356-3677

Street Division, Parkway Trees

The City of Crystal Lake owns and maintains all trees on parkways within the City limits of Crystal Lake. The parkway is the area of grass that is located between a City sidewalk and the roadway. The City employs certified arborists who are trained to properly care for the City's urban forest. The City has developed a proactive approach to the treatment of diseased or infested trees. 

Upon request, a City arborist will assess the ability for a parkway to sustain additional foliage or to replace an existing tree. Factors that are taken into consideration when making this decision include the type of soil, proximity to power lines and how many of a certain type of tree are already present in the area. Because the Streets Division maintains the parkways, no vegetation or other items are allowed on the parkway without the written consent of the City.

It is the City’s responsibility to trim all parkway trees and to remove dead and/or diseased trees from the parkway area. If a resident believes a parkway tree needs to be trimmed, please call the Streets Division. If a resident feels that a parkway tree is in need of removal, please contact the City to speak with a City arborist or the Streets Division Superintendent. Upon request, a City arborist will examine questionable trees.